Lead More

One in 10 Wabash graduates holds the title of CEO, chairman, president, vice president, director, founder, or owner. That includes graduates who are as young as 23.

The Fortune 500, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood are home to Wabash graduates. Whether you’re selling your paintings to Elton John, going to Duke Medical School, producing for SNL, or working for the NFL, Wabash men achieve at the highest levels. Not just a few - the majority.

Wabash will help you develop and hone your leadership skills.

70 student clubs and organizations to lead

22 Fulbright Scholars since 2014 

9 Rhodes Scholars

$300,000 - Student Activities Budget


How do high school teachers and coaches describe Wabash men?

  • Legend
  • Hero
  • Leader
  • Servant
  • Role Model
  • Inspiration